Here you’ll find a sociological, critique of the modern world, with a healthy drop of cynicism and a spot of changing the world.

Our Mission

Now, don’t let that intro fool you, sociologists can be nice people (at times). This blog exists to undermine the status quo, and ask the questions you were thinking, but no one is saying. Part of me wonders whether people still read blogs anymore, and the other part of me doesn’t care.

Here, I aim to reflect, question and narrate my experience of life and the modern world, as I experience it. I won’t claim to be right, and I won’t ask you to take my word for it. I’d like to take this opportunity, in all seriousness, to thank you for stopping by.

Our History

First launched in May 2021, this blog started out as a space to voice reflections on the important topics of mental health, goal-setting, learning and spirituality. Now, into the year 2022 and beyond, this blog will focus on broader issues of freedom, nationality, climate activism, financial prosperity and creating a meaningful life.

This is not a lifestyle blog. Think of it more like a witness statement.

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