• – Body
    A spindling mass of intricate fibres, bundled together to create what resembles “human”. A creation of beauty in all its robust and unwavering strength. The shame comes from my audacity to pick, poke and prod at those “unsuitable areas”. After all, you were not birthed to be looked at, but […]
  • A Wandering in Time
    How is it to wander through the inner workings of the universe? Whom should I ask about the order of time? Is it the steadfast oak who collects rings of time,  watching on undeterred by the most violent of storms? Or perhaps, it is the unrelenting, cyclical flow of water,  […]
  • These Lungs
    A poem written during the pandemic They keep saying, this won’t last forever, But the four walls that I inhabit now mark the four corners of my soul.  Entrapment is at once physical, as it is mental.  I feel as though I have not exhaled since March, And yet my […]
  • Half the Battle
    Now I realise that the poetry would quite happily write itself,  if only I would open the document,  unveiling the ego with the shattering luminosity of a blank white page.  Now I realise that half the battle is pretending that there is no time for indulgence,  in my thoughts and […]
  • A Natural Encounter
    A poem written while experimenting with nature writing. Nature is exalted by the sun’s rays,  bright and unwavering,  in its brilliance.  Naked toes impress upon mossen pastures,  lush and inviting.  Bugs and crawlies seek out waxen legs in shorts and skirts –  humanity and nature become indistinguishable.  Magpies, crows, creatures […]

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